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Ordering steps:

(1) Register and get confirmation of your access by e-mail.

(2) Log in.

(3) Go to CATALOG.

(4) Surf through categories and subcategories to see the different items.

(5) There are 4 prices for each of the item depending on the quantity. You will see the minimum and maximum prices below the picture. To see all the 4 prices, click on the picture of the item.

(6) Promo! These are special items on promotion at a discount. The prices are shown after discount. The promo items usually have a deadline for ordering.

(7) For ORDERING the interesting style, click on the picture. A layer will appear showing large photo and prices. Enter the quantity you want to order and press "Add to cart" button. The quantity MUST be entered in dozens (1 dozen = 12 pieces).

(8) To MODIFY, click on the picture of the item and enter the new quantity, it will be updated automatically in your order. Or you can go to BASKET and modify the quantity there.

(9) Return to the CATALOG page for continuing shopping.

(10) In the upper line of the screen you will see the number of styles you have ordered and the order total amount in USD. This information is updated without the need to reload the page.

(11) To SEE YOUR ORDER, go to BASKET in the main menu.

(12) In the BASKET you can MODIFY the quantity ordered by clicking on the photo of the item. Or you can CANCEL the item by pressing the sign "x" on the right side of the line. You can press the button "Continue shopping" or go to CATALOG page to select more items.

(13) Enter the required quantity in the window next to the item.

(14) After you are ready to send the order, press the button "Confirm order and send for processing". You will get a notification by e-mail that the order was received and your order #.

(15) The order will be sent to a sales representative of Accessories Agency Limited who will process it and contact you by e-mail with the proforma invoice, payment and delivery details within 24 hours.

(16) Press log out.

(17) You can query the progress of your order at any time by emailing us and quoting your order number.

If you experience any problems when surfing or for any queries, please contact us, we will be delighted to help!

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